Sharma ji ka beta

Right from the day you are born till after you start working, there is always a Sharma ji ka beta in your life. Now who is Sharma ji ka beta? The one who scored better than you in all the exams. The one who got into a better college. The one who got a prettier looking girlfriend…

Happy women’s day!

On this international women’s day I would like to wish all the lovely ladies out there a very happy women’s day. It’s this one day where everyone will praise you for everything you are and everything you so selflessly do and all the love you shower upon them. One day for treating you like equals.

Not like love

Awwww, so cuteee! Come here you cuddly bear! I love you soooooo much! I love you to the moon and back! I love you more. No! I love you more! Sounds familiar? Well, I’m sure everyone has said one of these things if not all. Being in love has its sweet little moments. Sweet nothings you say to the other. Whisper those magical words softly in their ears. Blush and turn into a plum! Gosh these things are innumerable!

50 shades darker

I live in a country where people hate the Westerners for discriminating us on he basis of skin colour and calling us dark. Accusing them of racism and what not. But my lovelies, what are we doing here? How are we different from them? Infact, we do it a lot worse than them.


Majority of the non-Indians believe that we Indians have arranged marriages. Also, many Indians just give in to this belief because they don’t want to break the norms. It’s easier to follow than to be separated from the herd isn’t it? 

Today I want to address the parents here.. the mother Indias and the society conscious fathers. No I am not lashing out or venting here or spitting my venomous thoughts. Just ask. What is more important to you? Your child’s happiness or “log kya kahenge”?

Let it go :)

​Remember the time when you were a kid and broke your favourite toy? Your parents got you the same one again but you never stopped crying about it? The time when you had to switch schools because your parents were posted in a different city? You cried and pleaded for letting you complete the term but they didn’t listen..